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Your Personal Assistant in Bulgaria

Your international and multi-lingual Personal Assistant for a HaSsLe free life in Bulgaria. In 2005, we first opened our doors in Varna, a beautiful city and beach resort on the Black Sea coast.

Home Base Bulgaria aims to provide customers with the full benefit of their daring choice to relocate to Bulgaria. Our customers, both newcomers and old hands, relocating from a wide variety of very different countries (England, Russia, The Netherlands, France, Germany etc.) experience a hassle free and smooth transition to ‘life and work’ in Bulgaria. A transition without any of the headaches that usually await expats.

Our dedicated and highly professional, multi-lingual staff is ready to help you deal with all aspects of your relocation and life in Bulgaria. Our services are manifold; we offer assistance with the many administrative, legal, financial, fiscal, personal or business related aspects of your life in Bulgaria.

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We offer our clients:

  • Guidance and assistance in all real estate transactions.

  • Representation throughout the process of real estate purchase or sale.

  • Legal assistance e.g. power of attorney, contracts etc.

  • Assistance with all accounting, tax & insurance issues.

  • Acquisition of visas and other necessary documentation.

  • Acquiring appropriate permits for construction /renovation of property

  • Changing the current status of acquired land from agricultural to residential or commercial etc.

Home Base Bulgaria

has a wide array of in-house expertise on offer, we will however, consult with external expert consultants whenever necessary; guaranteeing you the very best of advice and service at all times.

Our credo: “Problems don’t exist, solutions do!

It is our mission to pave the way to your success in Bulgaria!

“I have used Galya since 2007. “

“I have bought and sold flats through them. They did all my accounts when I ran the Flag Hostel in Varna. They dealt with all my Tax Returns. She does all my mot’s and organises my van insurance. Whenever I had any issues with the Municipality, Galya drops everything and comes with me to the Municipality tower at the top of Slivinitza and sorts everything out smoothly. Even when my hostel burnt down, Galya was there dealing with the authorities for me. Whenever I am in Varna, I drop by their office, and have a beer or a glass or wine with them. Homebase were a great help for me when I lived in Varna.”FlagHostel

We have used Home Base for many years and they have dealt with several problems for us over the years very efficiently and we could not recommend them highly enough from our experience.
After 3 months chasing my tail I approached these people to see if they could help. They did, within 48 hours. Recommended, especially if you are looking to get something done from outside BG.
If you think you have a problem just contact anyone at Home Base and it will go away. We cannot praise them enough.
Brian & Marie James
I would like to say a big thank you for your help regarding my recent auction property purchase. You sorted out my notary deeds, local tax and utility company registration, quickly and efficiently in my absence. I have used Home Base Bulgaria Ltd on several occasions over the past few years. I have always been very impressed with the competitive prices, excellent communication, and overall level of service I have received throughout. I would definitely recommend Home base Bulgaria Ltd to anyone wanting a trustworthy legal or accounts service.
Just to tell you that my family find Galya  to be very helpful and reliable. They have sorted our accounts now for 4 years and we have never had a moments worry. Any new law that come in that effect our companies they let us know and help us to understand them. Nothing is too much trouble to them.We now see them both has friends and could not wish for better people looking after us.We thank them very much for all there help over the year.
Muriel Burns